[★TRENDING] Bae Yong Jun and Park Su Jin to be married this fall

Hallyu actor Bae Yong Jun and singer-actress Park Su Jin have just announced the shocking news of their engagement!

On May 14th, Bae Yong Jun’s agency Key East Entertainment announced the surprising engagement through their official website homepage with a heartwarming letter, which was also posted for a second time on the actor’s official fan page.

The letter started off with, “Hello. This is Key East. We are writing to you because we have some important news we would like to share with our family members. The news is just that… Bae Yong Jun and actress Park Su Jin will be getting married later this year in the fall.

The agency then went on to explain that the two stars had been acquaintances for quite some time now as a senior and junior relationship, but just this past February, the two had formed a relationship after realizing the positive emotional feelings that they had toward each other.

The letter also addressed, “Though the couple has not been together for very long, the two found many similarities and connections through their personalities, hobbies, and in many other aspects. Also, the two were able to confirm their love for each other through the constant solicitude and encouragement given by one another, which naturally led to the commitment of marriage.

We will be sharing with you the details of the marriage and wedding after more official decisions have been made. [Key East family] members! Please show your support for the couple’s beautiful destiny and encourage the start of their new journey together! We hope that many happy deeds and moments come to fill your way as well,” stated Key East.

Many netizens have shown their utter surprise and shock of this brand new couple, leaving comments such as, “What in the world… this is so shocking…” “What… even though Park Su Jin never really had any popular hit dramas or movies, I knew there was something about her that was different… be happy, unni!” “Park Su Jin and Bae Yong Jun? Who would have ever thought?” and last but not least, “The legendary Bae Yong Jun is marrying Park Su Jin? How random! But congratulations!

Congratulations, Bae Yong Jun and Park Su Jin! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Source: Ilgan Sports