Bae Yong Jun and Kim Soo Hyun revealed to be best friends despite 16 year age gap

Though many celebrities tend to be close with their agency’s CEO, they aren’t necessarily coined as “best friends.”However, it was revealed that actors Kim Soo Hyun and Bae Yong Jun share a rare friendship despite their large age gap.

On the June 1st broadcast of tvN’s Name List 2015, a rather surprising report about actor Kim Soo Hyun and actor-turned-CEO Bae Yong Jun being best friends was featured as a story, garnering the attention of both the media and the two actors’ fans.

Name List 2015 revealed that Bae Yong Jun first saw a young Kim Soo Hyun appear in the 2009 drama Will It Snow On Christmas as the child role of actor Go Soo and immediately scouted him into his agency, Key East Entertainment.

Though the two started off with just the usual “agency president and celebrity” relationship, the actors grew closer after Kim Soo Hyun landed his very first lead role for the 2011 drama, Dream High.

In addition to his first leading role, Kim Soo Hyun also starred in his very first film for the 2013 work, Secretly, Greatly, with Bae Yong Jun personally driving the young idol back to his home after the movie’s premiere.

However, despite their age difference of a staggering 16 years, the two are famously known as being the best of friends among the entertainment industry.

Lastly, Name List 2015 even revealed that Bae Yong Jun frequently invites Kim Soo Hyun to his home and serves him meals that he cooked himself.

Source: E Daily