Baek A Yeon and Lee Seung Gi beat EXO and BIGBANG on the charts and J.Y. Park comments

Charming Baek A Yeon and Lee Seung Gi, the Prince of ballads, has demonstrated the power of their unique sounds, taking over EXO and BIGBANG on the real time charts.

On June 11th, Baek A Yeon was ranked #1 on five music charts including Olleh, Genie, Naver, Daum, and Monkey 3 and was #2 on Instiz.

MyDaily pointed out that as a singer without a large fan base nor any official promotions, Baek A Yeon was able to accomplish this feat through mere word of mouth and SNS sharing. Baek A Yeon began official promotions for her track “Shouldn’t Have” this week, nearly three weeks after it’s official release on May 19th.

Upon the news that Baek A Yeon had jumped up in the charts last week, JYP (Park Jin Young) congratulated Baek A Yeon’s success with a tweet of her song jumping up to 9th place.

When she finally reached number one on the charts, he left a sentimental post on Instagram saying, “‪#‎BaekAyeon‬ Ayeon-ah…this first place is a very special first place… It holds even more significance because it is your own composition that came from your heart, and it is even more touching that it has risen slowly over the past month. I sincerely congratulate you, let’s work even harder now~♡”

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Meanwhile, Prince of Ballads Lee Seung Gi also demonstrated his powerful influence in the music world after reaching number one on Genie, Olleh, Soribada, and Monkey3. He also ranked number 2 on Naver and number four on Melon upon the release of his song.

He recently released the one minute music video for his title track “And Goodbye” due to irreversible damage on the original films and inability to reschedule music video filming. He also sat down for an interview for 1theK‘s #Hashtag

[+1,114, -255] I ordered the album. Looking forward to the songs.
[+1,036, -215] The song is great~ do well
[+943, -211] The song’s great, hit daebak!
[+1,065, -544] ‘And enlistment’… goodbye~
[+239, -80] Lee Seung Gi’s ballads are always heartwarming *^*

Source: MyDaily, Xsports News

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