BEAST release behind-the-scene video for “12:30” photo shoot

Soon after releasing their title music video “12:30” for their special mini-album TIME, BEAST has released behind-the-scene video for its photo shoot on October 23rd.

First taking their shoot inside a building with beautiful natural lighting, the members pose with flare for their photographer. They are also seen taking initiation, monitoring their progress and photos.

Yoseob is seen playing with the camera, taking his own personal photos during their break. A hilarious moment is also shown with Dongwoon having to make himself shorter for group photos.

The photo shoot is taken to the breathtaking beachside as the sun gives a beautiful orange, sundown glow in the background.

The music video for “12:30” has proven to be popular as it easily reached the one million view mark, and the song topping charts on its release.