BEAST’s “12:30” MV reaches 1 million views on Youtube

Recently returning with their 7th mini-album TIME, BEAST achieved a new milestone as the music video for their title track “12:30” reached more than 1 million views today!

With their second comeback this year, BEAST stepped back from the powerful, dance track “Good Luck” with their new R&B ballad about heartbreak and separation.

The lyrics and concept of “12:30” embodies the worst part of a break up as BEAST sings, “We are like the clock hands at 12:30, with our backs facing each other” and “Although everything has ended now, I believe my broken clock will start moving again.” 

Three days since its release last October 19th, the official music video garnered 1,013,295 views on Youtube. In addition to reaching 1 million views, BEAST revealed that if the music video reaches 2 million views by October 27th, the dance practice for “12:30” will be released!

With the start of their promotions, BEAST celebrated their 5th year anniversary and has also appeared on many shows to promote their new mini album. They appeared as guests on KBS 2TV‘s variety show I am a Man, where Yoon Doo Joon and Yang Yo Seob revealed their choice in women between hips and chest. BEAST has also reassured fans in response to the 5 year jinx theory and express their hopes for MBLAQ to resolve their contract issues. They have also dropped video teasers for their new Japanese single, “How About You?”

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