BEAST’s Kikwang praised for his comeback as an actor

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang is the talk of the town as netizens praise him for his comeback role as an actor in new drama, Mrs Cop. BEAST has made a recent comeback with “Gotta Go To Work” winning first place through Inkigayo last weekend. With many of their fans satisfied with their recent comeback, netizens have focused their attention to Kikwang and praise him for his return as an actor in upcoming drama Mrs. Cop.

The post on Pann, originally titled as “Lee Ki Kwang’s Face Is About To Disappear,” became a hot topic as netizens discuss and praise the singer’s new look as an actor.

Here are the direct translation of the post and comments below.


“Lee Kikwang returned as an actor!!! BEAST members are all good at acting making them acting-dols hahahahahahaa”


“How is he this handome?.. His height may be a little disappointing… but his face is really too freaking handsome”


“His jaw-line is so sharp. It looks like I’ll get a cut”


“His face is really about to disappear;;; Unrealistically small face. I think he may be a match to Yang Yoseob‘s face;;”


“Even in a close-up photo, his face is so small~ I can feel his small head”


“Wow… So handsome…. Kikwang, you’re so handsome. I really noticed you when you made a debut as AJ in the past..”

“hahahahahaha your handsomeness >0< hehe~ ”


“He is cute like an idol when he is an idol. He is handsome like an actor when he acts. He really has a good face d>_<b”

“I really get amazed at his small face once again”


“Even his face shape is awesome… Awesome..”


“I’m looking forward to him in the new drama!! He is going to do so well!”


“BEAST is making a constant comeback and members are acting well too~”

“Good good~~ Lets reach the top in this fashion~~’

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 3.52.07 PM

[ +96 / -2] Other idols take lead roles right away but it looks good that Lee Kikwang started from the bottom making his way up slowly.

[ +85 / -3] Ah I really like this T_T_T_T I hope Mrs. Cop is successful!!

[ +67 / -2] Ah, his face is really small

Source: Pann

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