BIGBANG’s T.O.P reveals the effects of his “mental illness” and severe insecurities

As BIGBANG makes their first appearance on KBS variety program Happy Together 3, T.O.P provided details on why he doesn’t like to show his skin. 

On May 21st, Happy Together 3 aired its episode featuring BIGBANG where member T.O.P was asked why he doesn’t wear short sleeves. To this, he explained that, “I like sweat and because I sweat a lot, I don’t wear short sleeves on stage” and went on to reveal that, “I don’t have much hair and I also do not like body contact.” 

G-Dragon also expressed his surprise when T.O.P decided to show some skin during his latest film and stated that the member has a nice body. Meanwhile, Seungri explained that even with the group, T.O.P never takes his clothes off, along with his sock and explained an incident when they were on a yacht and he kept his socks on all throughout the trip.

With all the statements, T.O.P went on to explain that, “I am really shy. It’s probably a mental illness,” with G-Dragon adding that, “There has never been a time for the past ten years that I have ever taken a shower with him.”This led to T.O.P to reveal that at least there was one time that he watched the members take a shower.

BIGBANG is currently busy wrapping up promotions for “Loser” and “Bae Bae,” prior to the release of their next set of tracks for MADE series this June.

Looks like he’s overcome some of his insecurities here in this sexy clip from Tazza 2:

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Source: Newsen