[★BREAKING] Reports emerge of TS Entertainment paying unfair wages to “Group A” for 8 years after B.A.P lawsuit

With the ongoing dispute between TS Entertainment and B.A.P, who have cited an unfair contract on November 26th with a suit to void their contract, reports of another group (hereby referred to “Group A”) being paid unfair wages under the agency have also emerged.

In an exclusive report by Korean media portal Oh My Star*, media personnel have revealed that “Group A,” similar to B.A.P, has completed many performances and even earned profit from their album sales, but has not been paid by the agency.

The personnel are quoted as saying, “They performed a lot at universities and also helped with producing and lyric writing within the company. But they have been paid around 70 million won ($63,138) a month. They probably haven’t even seen their statement of settlement.”

“Group A” is said to have started receiving statements of their activities this year, though their profit sharing has not been transparent for eight years.

They further go on to cite yet another problem with another group, adding, “A popular group ‘Group B’ also had issues with profit sharing but the company gave them gifts to temporarily to avoid the topic every time.”

An associate of the agency adds, “There is a business team so they will know the specifics, but it is true the company has not been transparent and there have been a lot of complaints among the artists about this.”

However, TS Entertainment’s public relations officer has denied such statements, emphasizing that “Group A” is not involved in many performances. Regarding the gifts, the PR officer explains, “We may have given gifts but they were simply gifts, they had nothing to do with the sharing of profits.”

TS Entertainment is an agency founded in 2008 by Kim Tae Song, and has proven to be a quick rising company in the competitive idol industry in South Korea.

Source: Oh My Star