[★BREAKING] B.A.P reveals group received $16,000 while TS Entertainment earned $9 million USD in 3 years

After B.A.P filed for contract nullification against TS Entertainment, information on the group and the company’s earnings over the past few years have surfaced.

It was reported that during B.A.P’s three years of promotions, TS Entertainment’s revenue increased by 10 billion won (approximately $9 million USD). However, despite this increase in the company’s revenue, the six members received less than 18 million won each, which is around $16,000 USD.

In the first half of 2014 alone, B.A.P has released their first full-length album, First Sensibility, and their third Japanese single, “No Mercy,” in April before kicking off their first world tour B.A.P. Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour, which included 23 stops across Asia, United States, Australia, and Europe. The tour was to include more stops in South America, however, on October 27th, TS Entertainment announced shortly before the event that the South American leg of the tour had been cancelled. The company cited the deteriorating health of members due to their packed schedule as the cause of cancellation.

While on tour, the group also released their fourth single, B.A.P. Unplugged, in June and a fourth Japanese Single, “Excuse Me,” on August 11th, as well as a DVD set for their first Japanese tour that took place in late 2013 after their first domestic tour earlier last year. Although their South America concerts were cancelled, B.A.P attended Music Bank in Mexico on October 31st where their performance was halted due to a fan who threw undergarments onto the stage during their set.

Source: Donga News and X-Sports