Bring iKON’s “SHOWTIME” tour to a city near you with MyMusicTaste

Time to “MAKE” your dream concert via MyMusicTaste as YG Entertainment boy group iKON is looking to fans to bring them to their cities as a stop on their SHOWTIME tour.

iKON is undoubtedly one of the hottest rookies to debut in 2015, launching their SHOWTIME concert series along with their debut last September. Since January 2016, the boy group has been busy with concert performances in Japan, South Korea and a Taiwan and Hong Kong city stop schedule in April and May respectively.

Now, iKON is asking fans to let them know which city they should hit next through the popular concert platform, MyMusicTaste!


The steps are simple:
Step 1) Visit our website
Step 2) Tell us about your music taste! Select your favorite artist!
Step 3) Select the city and country where you want to “Make!” the concert.
Step 4) Insert the amount you are willing to pay for the concert ticket and click “Make!”
Step 5) Congratulations! You are now a TasteMaker!
Step 6) If more fans want it, the concert will become a reality. Invite your friends and make your dream come true!

Among MyMusicTaste’s successful concert tours include Dynamic Duo‘s GRAND CARNIVAL: 2016 United States TourEXO‘s EXOPLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion – in NORTH AMERICA, Block B‘s Block Party in Europe and more!