Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA responds to recent disbanding rumours

JeA of Brown Eyed Girls clarified the recent disbanding rumors of their veteran girl group. As reported on June 10th, “Brown Eyed Girls is in reality going through disbanding process.”

Amidst such rumours, JeA explained via SNS, “Fans would have been surprised with the fictional articles, but they are groundless rumours. I am surprised too because the content is very detailed. ‘BEG Disbanding’ is not true and even if that day comes, we will tell the fans on our own and not through such articles.”

Additionally, Brown Eyed Girls have announced their hot upcoming summer comeback. The veteran girl group made their debut in 2006 with JeA, Narsha, Miryo, and Ga In. Since their first album Your Story, they have released hit tracks, including, “Abracadabra,” “How Come,” and more.

Meanwhile, member Miryo is under way to make a solo release prior to the group’s comeback.

Source: The Star