BTOB releases fun-filled teaser for Japanese track “My Girl”

After releasing the music video for “It’s Okay,” BTOB released the music video teaser for their upcoming Japanese track “My Girl” on July 30th.

In the short teaser clip, BTOB is on a search for their girl as the music video teaser first showcased the members huddled together while trying to see a photo of a mermaid. In addition to the members seeing a photo of the mermaid, the girl left a message behind the photo which said, “Find me.”

The seven-member group quickly followed by showcasing their excitement for the journey to find their girl as the teaser changed to showcasing them on a beach. “My Girl” is an upbeat and fun track that will have fans falling head over heels for the seven-member group.

Meanwhile, BTOB released the music video for their Korean track “It’s Okay” in June along with their full-length album, Complete.