BTOB consolingly say “It’s Okay” in touching comeback MV

The boys of BTOB are back with a sweet R&B style ballad that showcases the group’s strong vocals as they release all of their sorrows by singing “It’s Okay.”

Unlike their previous dance track releases, “It’s Okay” is a heartwarming, touching video that challenges the acting skills of the boys as they each tell their own hardship stories. The video follows each member who have taken on various occupational roles and are met with varying difficulties in their life.

BTOB’s soothing, melodic voices and incredible harmonization are like medicine for the soul that brings comfort to their listeners despite watching the group face some of the most difficult times in their life.

The seemingly sad track eventually shows the boys after they overcame their struggles and found happiness, success, and passion in their lives again.

“It’s Okay” is the title track for BTOB’s first full-length album, Complete.