BTOB sing out their sorrows in group MV teaser for ballad track “It’s Okay”

Counting down with just a few hours left to BTOB‘s comeback, Cube Entertainment has released yet another teaser for the group.

Likely to be the final teaser before the official release of the group’s first full-length album Complete and the music video for the ballad title track “It’s Okay” at midnight on June 29th, the 36-second teaser video compiled different scenes played by all the seven members.

Since “It’s Okay” is not a dance track, the music video will not feature flashy dance movements but challenge the acting skills of the members, as one can see in their individual teasers. Each of them took on various occupational roles and acted out the difficulties they face in life, but ironically will comfort their listeners with their soothing vocals.

Be it thinking about their love ones while hard at work, losing a loved one but unable to rescue them, or doing all the part-time jobs, the members will each have their own story to tell in the music video. The teaser also featured the amazing harmonization between Eunkwang and Changsub, which then leads up to the song’s chorus.