BTOB members challenge their acting skills in individual teasers for “It’s Okay”

With less than two days left to BTOB‘s comeback, Cube Entertainment has revealed yet another wave of teasers for the group.

On June 26th, it was made known that each of the seven members will be taking on different occupational roles in the music video for their upcoming ballad title track “It’s Okay” as still cuts were revealed.

Instead of sharing a single music video teaser with a collage of the members together, Cube Entertainment has released 15-second video teasers on the 27th for every member, highlighting their individualistic characteristics and challenging their acting skills. Main vocalist Eunkwang could be heard in the background revealing a short line of the song in his falsetto voice.

Befitting the title track’s name, the group seems to be comforting their listeners that no matter how hard life may seem, “it’s okay.” Eunkwang plays a student, Minhyuk a man who is struggling to earn money while dating, Changsub a chicken restaurant deliveryman, Hyunsik an artist, Peniel a fireman, Ilhoon a radio DJ, and last but not least, Sungjae the hiker who met with a rainy day.

The Complete album, as well as the music video for “It’s Okay” will be released at midnight on June 29th.

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