BTOB reveals album cover for 6th mini-album, “The Winter’s Tale”

On December 10th, Cube Entertainment announced BTOB‘s upcoming 6th mini-album, The Winter’s Tale, by revealing a trendy album cover for the winter special.

The cover art shows only the lower bodies of the members, using a stylish design to keep fans’ attention. The group also recently dropped pre-release track “You Can Cry” in anticipation for this winter release.

Although not much can be seen from the album cover, the members seem to be dressed warmly as they all sport long jeans and boots. The ends of scarves and coats can also be seen peeking under the white slide that fills most of the image. The background is a wooden bookcase stacked with novels, giving the album cover a very classy and sophisticated feel.

The Winter’s Tale is will be released on December 22nd at midnight so be sure to stay tuned for more details!

In related news, Cube Entertainment is in the works of debuting a multi-national girl group called CLC.

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