BTS’s V Was Ready To Give Up His Favorite Thing In The World… All For A Little Kid

Okay, he is clearly an angel. Verified.

In the final episode of BTS‘s Bon Voyage Season 4, member V took some time away from the members and went sightseeing around New Zealand.


During the adventure, when he became hungry, he made a quick stop at a McDonald’s close by. In his most UWU English, V ordered beef burger meals for himself and the staff.


Shortly after V grabbed a seat and took a big bite out of his hash brown…


… a kid on a mission to complete his McDonald’s sticker collection eagerly approached V.

Excuse me, do you collect the stickers?

— Kid


V, not fully understanding what exactly the kid wanted, quickly decided he might be asking for the burger. Without hesitation, V handed over his hamburger — also known as his absolute favorite things in the world.


When the kid pointed to the stickers, V realized what he wanted and happily let him take the stickers.

It’s a present!

— V


Keep in mind, this is how much V loves burgers:


After the feast was over, V realized there were more stickers on his ice cream and soda cups. He looked for the kid and ended up handing over all the stickers from his meal!

Thank you!

— Kid


ARMYs are praising V for what a sweetheart he had been to the kid. Had the kid wanted the burger, V would have easily given up the meal on the spot. Knowing that, ARMYs can’t help but believe that V is, indeed, an angel from above.