BTS’s Jin Once Wanted To Be Like Actor Kim Nam Gil… Now Kim Nam Gil Wants To Hang Out

“Hey Jin… Give me a call!”

On January 31, 2020 KST, actor Kim Nam Gil graced the SBS radio station for his interview on Park Sun Young’s Cine Town.

Actor Kim Nam Gil on the right

During the interview, Kim Nam Gil talked about what an honor it had been for him to attend the 34th Golden Disc Awards as a presenter…

Kim Nam Gil at the 34th Golden Disc Awards

… but how disappointed he was at missing out on the chance to meet BTS‘s Jin. He shared, “I personally really wanted to meet Jin.”

Kim Nam Gil explained that he had heard one of Jin’s previous interviews in which he mentioned Kim Nam Gil as a role model.

Jin as an acting major student at Konkuk University

Now, he’s a bigger star than I am. But from what I’ve read from an interview, he apparently went to college for acting after watching me act. So I’ve been interested in him since then. I’ve been keeping my eyes on him, kind of.

— Kim Nam Gil

When the DJ suggested that Kim Nam Gil shoots Jin a special message on air, the actor gladly took on the opportunity to reach out for a handsome x handsome rendezvous.

Hey Jin! I hope we can hang out soon. Please give me a call!

— Kim Nam Gil

Will Jin’s fanboy and Kim Nam Gil’s fanboy be able to bless each other? Only time will tell. Here’s the full clip:

Source: THEQOO