Cast of SBS “Roommate” show their support for Joon Park at g.o.d’s encore concert

Park Min Woo, Seo Kang Jun, and Jo Seho, from the show SBS Roommate, cheered on g.o.d‘s Joon Park (Joon Hyun) and company during their latest encore concert held in Seoul.

After finally coming back after their 12 year hiatus, g.o.d had already begun to make themselves busy by releasing music video after music video. The group recently released their music video for “Wind”, after “Sky Blue Promise”, “Saturday Night”, and “The Story of Our Lives”.

g.o.d is currently embarking on their 15th anniversary world tour which will cover many countries in Asia as well as America.

The group recently performed in South Korea where the cast of Roommate, Min Woo, Kang Jun, and Seho, went backstage to show their support. The cast took a selca with g.o.d member Joon Park while holding up g.o.d merchandise. Joon park poses with a peace sign while looking slick in his sunglasses.

The Instagram post reads, “Yo~~~ Our hyung Joon’s G.O.D. CONCERT! THE BEST!”


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