g.o.d releases MV for “Wind”

Once again, g.o.d is back to touch all of our hearts with a new music video for “Wind”!

October 23th has marked yet another significant day in the year 2014 for all those who hold the legendary quintet dearly in their hearts, as it marks their third music video release after a 12-year hiatus.

“Wind” is the new addition in their repackaged album Chapter 8: Thanks Edition, and holds a message of thankfulness and gratitude to the loyal fans who have been patiently waiting for their return for 12 years. The fact that Yoon Kye Sang has co-written the song adds to the sincere meaningfulness of the track, as he was the member who had the hardest time deciding whether or not he was ready for a reunion.

The music video is a compilation of the g.o.d members at their recently completed 15th anniversary concert tour, starting with their looks of content and gratitude on stage, with clips of backstage at their concerts. Fireworks then set off with the silhouettes of the men as they ascend onto the stage at the start of the concert. Eyes may start to tear up as we see clips of the tired, yet happy, members, hugging each other and having fun on the stage together. And, of course, shots of their ever-loyal fans are constant throughout the entire video, as it is they who fuel the desire for the group to keep performing. The video then ends with the members descending down the stage, showing their fans one last glimpse of the five men, united on stage until the very end.

If you have yet to check out the video, do so at your own risk, as there is a tears-warning attached to the video!

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