CGV’s “Location In America” to edit out Enes Kaya and air after a provisional delay

CGV‘s Location In America, which stars Enes Kaya, was originally postponed but now will be broadcast with Enes edited out.

On december 23rd CJ E&M released a press release asking viewers for patience, which said “Channel CGV’s travel reality program ‘Location in America’, which was provisionally delayed, will be airing tonight at 11PM KST. From the existing 3 parts, 2 parts were produced. From December 23rd to the 30th viewers can find it at 11 PM KST over a span of two days. Filming was all completed, but one of the cast members, Enes Kaya, is expected to be edited out of the broadcast as much as possible.” 

The reason Enes was edited out was because of a recent scandal that surfaced in regards to him flirting with other women while being married and having a child. Numerous women accused him of going around as a bachelor and lying about his identity. Since then, Enes seeked legal action but has been taken out of the shows he is in and was even edited out of Abnormal Summit. 

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Source: Sports Donga