Enes Kaya ready to take legal actions following infidelity accusations

The Turkish entertainer Enes Kaya defined his position regarding the “infidelity issue” through his attorney, who has sent a press release to clarify the situation.

The law firm Junggun, Enes Kaya‘s legal agent, said in the official press release, “After a long consideration, Enes Kaya decided to clarify every aspects of the truth regarding the current issue basing on the law by no longer staying silent.”

Previously, a woman claimed that Enes had been acting as an unmarried man and dating many women by writing several posts online. She also revealed the screen-captured photos of the private messenger talks with Enes, as the evidences of her more-than-friends relationship with the entertainer.

To this, the legal agent of Enes Kaya said, “Enes had been thinking that everything including the posts online came from the love from the fans and tried to accept and stay calm even though it is wrong. However, staying calm to what’s distorted and exaggerated will lead to unlimited and repeated conjectures. That is why we are declaring our stance.”

“It will remain as Enes himself and his family’s pain. He is still staying in Korea with his family, putting the best effort in order to solve this problem wisely. He never thought of leaving the country by himself just to avoid the situation.”

“We will actively respond to anyone who spread the false information and cause defamation of Enes. Please refrain from making hasty speculations and misunderstandings.”

The agent also added about the entertainer’s leaving the TV show JTBC Non-Summit. “Apart from what is true or false, Enes will leave Non-Summit not to cause any damages or troubles to the show and his precious companions. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting, loving, and trusting Enes.”

The entertainer previously made his own comments, denying such infidelity accusations.

Source: Star Today