Chanyeol thanks fans for EXO’s first win with “Call Me Baby”

After taking the #1 spot with “Call Me Baby” on Inkigayo, EXO’s Chanyeol thanked fans via his Instagram for the win!

On April 5th, Chanyeol shared his gratitude towards the fans for EXO’s first win. He posted on his personal Instagram @real_pcy, “#1 along with our comeback… of course this is our EXO-Ls’ power. Thank you so much. Hwaiting now and forever!!!! Love you!!!!♥♥♥♥

In the accompanied photo, Chanyeol can be seen sweetly winking with his thumbs up. His small face and sweet facial expressions have melted the fans’ hearts once again.

Meanwhile, EXO is currently actively promoting with their recent return. “Call Me Baby” was released on March 28th, and the 2nd full-length album EXODUS was released on March 30th.

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Source: The Star