Circumstances around Shin Hae Chul’s death discussed on “The Its Know”

The program The Its Know aired a special episode for Shin Hae Chul regarding unanswered questions surrounding his death.On November 29th’s episode of the The Its Know, the questions of Shin Hae Chul and his cause of death were highlighted, with interviews of the family and looking at the current situation in depth.

The singer’s wife Yoon Won Hee came on the show first and talked about the cause of his death: “This was a situation even the man himself didn’t know. I don’t even know how things even got to here.There are a lot of things that we are still unsure of. No matter at what cost, I want people to know more about this problem. He was the sky, the wings behind my back, but now I’ve lost him, it looks like I’ve fallen from the sky and lost my wings,” showing her tears during the interview.

Apparently on the day of the operation, Shin Hae Chul  was supposed to be having lunch with his family. His wife stated that “the only thing  he did was eat an apple and drink an espresso. And about 15 minutes before leaving, he started to suffer from stomach ache, but there was nothing too big about it.”

The manager who stood right beside the singer until his death stated that “we went to the emergency room but there were too many people.” And when asked about the reason Shin chose S hospital, he explained that the singer had been going to that hospital for a long time and had close relationships with employees there. “The doctor said it is a simple procedure that will only keep him for a day in hospital, and once the operation was over he said the procedure was successful. And 5 days after the operation, Shin was found unconscious in restroom,” said the manager.

According to the manager, the last words of Shin Hae Chul were “I can’t breathe,” which was “heartbreaking [to hear]” the manager stated. After the operation, the Shin family started questioning strange aspects about the hospital, such as the fact that the operation, which was supposedly going to take an hour, took more than double the time. The wife stated “when he woke up, he asked me what they have done to him.”

The direct cause of death of the singer is told to be pericardial perforation. Kim Sang Joong, the host of The Its Know, stated that the doctor stated that the perforation was irrelevant to the operation he has performed, but it is still not known whether this is true or not.

To find out more, the production team of the show brought all the information of the diagnosis report to medical experts. The experts stated that “the operation from the hospital seems like a different operation from what they have told,” raising the suspicion of the matter even higher.

There were other shocking reports from former patients of the hospital. One former patient has claimed that the hospital removed his caecum, when all they said was that they were going to perform stomach operation. Later on, the production team found out that the hospital made the patient sign the operation confirmation, without even explaining what the problem was. Shin Hae Chul also had his gallbladder removed by them without an agreement, a shocking action if it is indeed true.

The former nurse’s statement also brought a big shock. The nurse talked about the operation videos of patients which the hospital claimed that they do not possess, stating that “there is  no case of  the video of the operation not being recorded.” The nurse also carefully stated “there was a case where a patient died during an operation. And Dr. Kang (the doctor who performed the operation of Shin Hae Chul) tried to close this record because he was afraid that the hospital would find out.”

Other data was also aired through the show, but Kim Sang Joong stated that “the court case is not looking too bright, because the doctors committee will strongly disagree with it. But being in a job who saves life, they must have some kind of an answer for the family.”

On October 27th, rock legend Shin Hae Chul passed away, causing many to burst in tears. The family has claimed that the doctor who performed the surgery lied to them, leading this tragedy into a court case.

What do you think of this situation? Our hopes and prayers go to the family of Shin Hae Chul.

Source: OSEN