Clara debuts with MV for “Fear” ft. Yasu

Model and actress Clara Lee, has finally made her debut as a singer/rapper on November 7th. She has released the full music video for her debut song “Fear” featuring Yasu.

Clara, who was recently ranked second as the World’s most beautiful of 2014, has now come out as a singer and rapper showcasing her talents. She has been teasing us of her debut since September 30th with a seductive photo of her. On October 15th she continued to tease fans with a sexy photo of her via her Instagram.

The track begins with the powerful and emotional rapping of Yasu which is only accompanied by simple piano tune. Clara then comes in with her sweet and soft vocals and then she suddenly break out into her own rap, displaying to fans that she is a quadruple threat. The music video is simple and displays Clara mostly in her room looking gorgeous as ever.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Clara was busy acting in  Emergency Couple and Goddess of Marriage, where she received the “Hot Star Award” for her role.

Check out Clara’s debut digital single below: