Clara reveals youthful photos of herself from 10 years ago

On December 2nd, actress Lee Sungmin, known as Clara, revealed images of herself from 10 years ago on her SNS account.

Born in 1986, Clara has been an actress since 2005 at the age of 19. Clara’s nine years of acting have taken her through various transformations which allowed her to mature both physically and mentally.

Known for her beauty and having obtained #2 in “World’s 100 Most Beautiful 2014,” Clara takes her fans on a time-hop back to the days before her career began. In these decade-old images, the star is pictured in a natural environment with minimal make up. She is shown reclining in a cozy sofa. Her genuine expression shows her clean features and these photos of her youthful self have wowed fans and followers.

In related news, Clara recently held a meeting with Korea Times, discussing her hopes of possibly reaching out to her American fans and finding work in the states. She hopes to be able to continue filming in dramas and movies while advancing on to the big screens of Hollywood. The star released her debut track “Fear” earlier this year as she ventured into the world of music.

Check photos of the youthful Clara from 2004: