Clazziquai Project releases music video for “Android”

Clazziquai Project has released the music video for “Android” from their sixth electronic pop album, Blink.

Like the rest of the new album, “Android” is another smooth track that is characteristic of Clazziquai Project’s unique musical style. Released on December 1st, the music video, complete with its eye-catching sketches and psychedelic colors, fits the song’s trendy electronic sound.

Clazziquai Project, which consists of members Alex, Horan, and DJ Clazzi, is one of the leading artists in the electronic pop and house genres in South Korea. By blending in R&B and mainstream pop genres to their music, they are popular with mainstream listeners and have been recognized at major award events in the last decade.

The group members have also been involved in individual projects for several years, with DJ Clazzi releasing his solo album Infant in 2012, and both Horan and Alex pursuing their solo careers as R&B and ballad vocalists.

The members came together once again for the album Blink, which was released on September 18th as Clazziquai Project’s 10-year anniversary album. Music videos have already been released for the tracks “Call Me Back” and “Crave You” from the Playing It Cool movie soundtrack.

Check out the music video for Clazziquai Project’s “Android”!