Compilation of Korean celebrities imitating Christina goes viral following TMZ incident

In light of the recent controversy regarding TMZ’s coverage of EXID’s arrival in Los Angeles, a video compilation of various idols imitating foreign variety show persona Christina has gone viral.

The video originally posted in 2013 has now caught the attention of many netizens as it documents clips from various variety shows. In these segments, celebrities such as the members of Girls’ Generation, f(x)’s Amber, and EXO’s Baekhyun and Lay are seen imitating Italian-born radio host and variety show persona Christina Confalonieri.

Netizens left negative sentiments on the video, sharing, “Wow what hypocrites!!!They should be ashamed of themselves, Amber can give it but she cant take it.HYPOCRITE!!!” and “Wait what did Amber said about making fun of someone’s accent? “rude and childish actions”? Such Hypocrites. So when Koreans make fun of foreigner’s accent it’s humor but when it’s the opposite it’s racism? Maybe now they’ll know how much it could actually hurt.” Many others left similar comments as well. These statements come as a response to messages by artists such as Jae Chong, Joon Park, Amber, and 2PM’s Taecyeon speaking out against TMZ’s video.

However, numerous other netizens clarified the context of these clips. Unlike TMZ’s video which challenged Junghwa’s fluency in English, the idols featured in this clip modeled Christina’s unique way of speaking. Commenters revealed, “I don’t think it’s necessarily her accent, it’s just the way she sounds, her korean is good, but the way she sounds….it’s. …..different” and “Because she also find it funny. It’s not like they are saying bad things about her accent. It’s entertaiment.

The context in these situations is completely different as Korean comedians and celebrities imitate other Korean celebrities that have a very unique voice as well. Christina simply happens to have a very unique voice and is an easy celebrity to mimic.