Crush reveals behind the scenes photos from “Oasis” profile photoshoot

On July 14th, Crush shared photos from behind the scenes of his profile photoshoot for his recent comeback with “Oasis.”

After making a successful return with his latest summer hit “Oasis,” Crush delivered a surprise to fans by releasing a set of images from his profile photoshoot.

The images taken both in monochrome and color show the R&B artist dressed in a variety of outfits that accentuate his casual and chic street style. While sometimes giving glances to the camera, he is also photographed with his hands covering his eyes, presenting a shy and youthful image too.

Meanwhile, “Oasis” has achieved perfect all-kill status and even topped Girls’ Generation’s ” Party” on live music charts. Amidst this success, he also appeared on 1theK’s Special Clip series and performed the single track with Lazy Kuma and The Unit. The live rendition of the track emphasizes the laidback feel of the bass guitar to bring a new life to the song.