Davichi shares photos at their recording studio in preparation for their comeback

Davichi revealed their progress during the recording for their upcoming comeback through photos on SNS.

Facing an unfortunate year in 2014, Davichi was unable to release a new album last year. Their last comeback took place in early 2013 with their third extended play Love Delight.

The duo parted ways with Core Contents Media in February of 2014 due to the expiration of their contract but luckily they paired up with CJ Entertainment afterwards. Upon hearing the news, fans have highly anticipated a comeback from Davichi.

On December 8th, Davichi’s Kang Minkyung first revealed news that they were preparing for their comeback with a new album through her SNS. One month later on January 4th, Davichi wrote a meaningful letter to their fans in thanks for their support during their time of hardships.

As their comeback nears, Davichi began to tease their fans with photos from the recording studio. Mingkyung shared images of her lunch break during recording through her Instagram on January 12th.


Min Kyung Kang 강민경(@iammingki)님이 게시한 사진님,

믹스하다 빠앙터짐 못난 제 곡에 준영오빠가 마법을 Min Kyung Kang 강민경(@iammingki)님이 게시한 사진님,

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