Davichi’s Haeri joins Instagram

Haeri from Davichi seems like the latest idol to open an account on Instagram. She opened her account on January 21st, and posted a picture and a video.

Haeri posted her first picture on January 21st alongside fellow member Minkyung with the caption, “The start of Instagram!!! Let’s give it a try..#Davichi #comeback,” as they are holding their comeback album Davichi Hug.

The second post was a video of Haeri saying she has started Instagram, and Minkyung shows up in the end affirming this with a head nod.

The duo made a comeback this month on January 21st, and has already released the music video for their song “Cry Again.” The mini-album features two title tracks, “Cry Again” and “Sorry, I’m Happy,” two differentiating songs with one emphasizing a breakup and the other highlighting love’s strength.

Check out Haeri’s first posts below and make sure to follow her at dlgofl85.