E’Dawn’s Socks Leave Fans Feeling Shook

“What are those?!”

In a series of posts to his Instagram account on September 5, E’Dawn left fans feeling shook when they noticed his odd accessory choice. While he’s known for his cool, eccentric style, fans found themselves unprepared for this unconventional look.

The style choice that left everyone scratching their heads?

Toeless socks!

Fans were quick to ask whether he’d cut the toes off his socks or suggested that they were intended to be used as feet warmers. Some asked him to explain his fashion choice so they could understand what exactly he was trying to go for with the look.

Toeless socks are commonly used by dancers between dance numbers to help their feet stay warm, and by people who suffer from health-related foot problems. In E’Dawn’s case, though, it was likely to be 100% a fashion choice!

What do you think of E’Dawn’s fashion choice? Do you think it’s a hit or miss?