Epik High to expand upcoming concert “Parade 2014” into a domestic tour

Set to embark on their first concert series for the first time in 5 years, Epik High is confirmed to have expanded their Seoul concert into a domestic tour. 

On October 29th, YG Entertainment announced that after launching their upcoming concert “Parade 2014” next month, Epik High will be expanding the tour into a domestic tour in South Korea. Following the Seoul concert in November 14th to 16th, including its additional concert stops, Epik High will perform in Daegu on December 7th, Incheon on December 19th, and Busan on December 27th to 28th.

With the last solo concert taking place in 2008 “The Parade 2008”,  the initial set of tickets sold out literally in two minutes. Hence, Epik High decided to expand their concert as a domestic tour. The tickets for the additional concerts will start selling on October 30th until 31st online.

Meanwhile, prior to the concert, Epik High will hold fan meeting on November 1st at Dong Dae Moon’s DDP. Check out the latest interview with the trio, including Tablo, Mithra, and Tukutz as well.

Source: News Chosun

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