Epik High releases concert teaser spot for “Parade 2014”

Epik High continues to treat their fans with their various activities and has released the teaser spot for upcoming concert, “Parade 2014”.

On October 24th, the short teaser clip was uploaded through Epik High’s official Youtube channel and was further promoted by YG Entertainment through their official SNS accounts.

The video is fairly simple in terms of its concept; the use of the Seoul nightscape and the shot of the trio walking from darkness into a light tunnel creates a sense of tranquillity and anticipation, while the string accompaniment in the background does not fail to accentuate the emotional feeling of the short video.

However, the icing on the cake is definitely the caption that pops up in the middle of the video, saying, “We waited 1787 days to to meet you.” The caption hits fans in their heartstrings as it creates a sense of reminiscence and yearning to see the three men on stage once more.

“Parade 2014” will have a total of four concert slots starting at the Blue Square, Samsung Card Hall on November 15th as they mark their first concert in 5 years. The news of the concert followed the announcement of Epik High’s new album Shoebox, marking 2014 as an incredibly significant year for those who love and have waited for Epik High.

Check out the teaser below!