Epik High releases live karaoke version of “We Fight Ourselves” ft. Younha

On October 30th, Epik High revealed a special live karaoke version of their track “We Fight Ourselves”, featuring YounhaIn this unique style of video, Epik High and Younha are in a spacious karaoke room as they sing “We Fight Ourselves”. Epik High came back this month with their album Shoebox which has received rave reviews and conquered music charts from the day it was released. It features a star-studded line-up, and even in their performances Epik High has made sure to include their juniors such as Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun and YG Entertainment soloist Lee Hi.

The karaoke room is equipped with a few cameras showcasing different angles as Tablo gets ready to rap. Younha and DJ Tukutz are sitting down looking through the music book while Mithra Jin is in the back munching on some snacks. With this relaxed and carefree atmosphere they help paint a picture of a normal everyday hangout at the karaoke room. Younha does not disappoint with her soothing vocals and Tablo and Mithra Jin flawlessly deliver their raps as DJ Tukutz sits with his stylish suit admiring them.

Meanwhile, Epik High recently expanded their concert into a domestic tour and in related news YG Entertainment made a response to the song ban made by KBS, MBC and SBS on Epik High’s album, Shoebox. 

Check out the video below: