YG Entertainment responds to song ban made by KBS, MBC and SBS on Epik High’s “Shoebox”

YG Entertainment responds to the recent decision made by KBS, MBC and SBS citing songs from Epik High‘s Shoebox inappropriate for broadcast.

On October 29th, KBS initially released the details and reasons of their review, citing the tracks, “Eyes, Nose, Lips, “Good Life”, “LESSON 5”, “Born Hater”, “Burj Khalfia” and “Encore” unsuitable for broadcast.Afterwhich, SBS and MBC also released their own reviews on the album, executing the same band, with MBC excluding “Good Life” on the list.

The agencies released a similar decision explaining that the songs were banned for their unsuitable lyrics as it contains a number of swear words and the mention of prohibited drugs.

YG Entertainment, on the other hand, responded to the decision made by the agencies and states that they do not intend to modify the lyrics for the mentioned tracks, as Epik High is eligible to continue promotions with their title tracks, “Spoiler” and “Happen Ending.”

Meanwhile, Epik High has made a glorious return with their 8th album, “Shoe Box“ with their title track, “Happy Ending“ sweeping throughvarious music charts. Aside from their ongoing promotions on various entertainment programs, Epik High is also preparing for their domestic concert tour “Parade 2014” which will kickstart in Seoul next month.

Source: My Daily