Eric Nam, Ailee and Amber pose together as the Pokemon Charmander and Pikachu

Quick! You better catch’em all. Eric Nam, Ailee and Amber got together on December 30th and shared some adorable pictures on Instagram of the trio in Pokemon onesies.Eric and Amber were adorable Pikachu’s while Ailee was a feisty Charmander.

The trio donned the outfits and took one picture where they are embracing their inner Pokemon on a couch and in the other Ailee and Eric sandwiched Amber together. Fans loved the pictures commenting on how cute they were and even commenting on wanting to own a Pokemon onesie themselves.

Ailee and Amber were recently on an episode of One Fine Day where Ailee revealed her height, weight and dispelled plastic surgery rumors. Amber also held up her bet of wearing heels if Ailee’s song reached number one. Meanwhile Eric Nam came out with his song “Melt My Heart” on December 9th.

Check out the cute pictures of Eric, Ailee, and Amber below!



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