EXID asks for fan hashtag submissions for 1theK “#Hashtag” appearance

EXID will be participating on 1theK’s popular hashtag show following their second wave of success with their debut track “UP & DOWN.” On December 4th, the girls of the rookie group announced through 1theK‘s official Twitter account that they would be participating in 1theK’s popular segment, #Hashtag. They asked fans to send in suggestions for hashtags as the girls talk about their summer track and what EXID means to them. In addition, they tweeted a cute selca as the five members of EXID pose cutely on the set of #Hashtag.

Despite making their comeback in August, Yedang Entertainment has confirmed that the ladies will once again return to music show stages after a fancam of member Hani went viral, garnering 2.5 million views since October! Their unexpected sudden popularity has made EXID a well known name and the group is busy preparing another round of promotions with their track.

Are you looking forward to their episode of #Hashtag?