EXID gives some fan service during “Up & Down” promotions

EXID continuously shows their love for their fans for the support given during their activities. 

Quickly gaining much love for their song, “Up & Down,” EXID’s fan base has been growing massively. Upon their recording early in the morning on December 28th, EXID was surprised to a number of their fans present during their recording session.

EXID each shares individual photos of themselves through Instagram and Twitter, as they held up a special button announcing their fan service. To thanks fans for the support received throughout their promotions, EXID was revealed to have held an event with their fans during their session and handed out free sandwhiches.

EXID says to their fans, “Our fans are daebak,” “Please enjoy the sandwiches,” and “You’ll cheer for us during our actual performance right?” through their SNS.

역주행 받고!!!!!! 역조공 고고!!!!!!♥

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