EXID Making Official Comeback April With 4 Members, Solji Absent Again

Article: “EXID Official Comeback In Early April Confirmed, 4 Members Promotions Without Solji”

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+497, -9] I don’t really know much about the exact disease Solji is suffering from but how is a girl in her 20’s taking so long to recover? I’m really worried.

2. [+419, -43] Truthfully Solji is more of the main member in EXID instead of Hani. Since she’s absent again… it will be tough.

3. [+366, -53] They became hits with a one-hit-song and now they’re in their rightful place.

4. [+42, -2] I heard Solji’s surgery was completed but now she’s undergoing extra procedures for other complications in health. It looks like she’s still not fully recovered.

5. [+39, -1] It looks like Solji is really hurt…

6. [+27, -3] Since her health isn’t fully recovered…. I want to hear Solji’s singing again soon.

7. [+24, -3] What a shame…. Imagine how badly she wants to promote with the group.

8. [+22, -2] How sick is Solji….

9. [+20, -4] They’re going to promote as 4 without Solji and then their disbandment will come… I wish Solji will become healthy again and show us her singing again as a solo artist. I hope she releases a solo album… Anyways hwaiting!

10. [+19, -6] Why is Solji not fully recovered yet…