Everyone Is Falling In Love With CLC Yeeun’s New Short Haircut

Article: CLC Jung Yeeun “Debuting her fresh new haircut on her way to Music Bank” Source: Seoul Kyungjae Via Naver 1. [+55, -2] Wow so chic. She’s so pretty and she dances well too. 2. [+38, -3] It was a god’s gift for her to get a short haircut. If you see her dance videos, you […]

EXID Jeonghwa Goes Out All With Her Fashion To Mark The Beginning of Spring

Article: EXID Jeonghwa Goes Out All With Her Fashion To Mark The Beginning of Spring Source: Ilgan Sports Via Naver 1. [+268, -13] Wow so pretty, so really pretty. 2. [+190, -4] Her unedited photos are the best in my opinion. 3. [+156, -10] How is she so pretty oh my god. 4. [+141, -12] Her body […]

Yuri Shows Off Her New Short Haircut Outside The Airport

Article: Yuri “I will return from the USA safely” Source: OSEN Via Naver 1. [+777, -178] The photo came out so well. She looks like a beautiful mother.  2. [+588, -131] She looks cheap / lame. 3. [+471, -98] Why did she cut her hair short. 4. [+506, -134] I thought she was Song Eun Ie 5. […]

Hong Soo Ah’s Presence At Seoul Fashion Week Captures Everyone’s Attention

Article: Receive A Heart From Hong Soo Ah Source: OSEN Via Naver 1. [+374, -67] She looks really f*cking pretty. 2. [+282, -54] Honestly, she’s pretty ㅇㅇ 3. [+238, -45] If you want to look good after plastic surgery, you have to have a good physical face beforehand. She looks pretty because she was pretty beforehand as […]

YG Artists Model For Louis Vuitton On Elle Magazine Korea

Article: Taeyang WINNER BLACKPINK CL … YG Artists First Time Magazine Photoshoot Source: My Daily Via Naver 1. [+277, -13] Wow. Mino and Seung Yoon. Are you telling me those visuals are a reality???? They should’ve shown us Jinu and Hoonie as well… 2. [+241, -4] BIGBANGWINNER 3. [+217, -10] Sexy Seungyoon Mino. They are definitely models. […]

Red Velvet Is Going To North Korea To Perform In Front of Kim Jong Un

Article: Red Velvet, The Only Idol Group To Perform At Pyongyang “Will They Be Praised Source: Wow TV Via Naver 1. [+198, -28] Curious about “Red Flavor” Kim Jong Un? Your favorite flavor is “Bomb The South.” 2. [+174, -27] What are you going to do with you if you get praised in Pyongyang ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ […]

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