Photos Of BTS’s Suga And V In The Gym Have People Shook

They are working out hard!

Photos and GIFs of BTS‘s Suga and V working out together in the gym are making their rounds and people are shook over how fit they actually are.

Many were shocked to see how strong Suga actually is, noting that his chest muscles are very well defined. ARMYs have also noted how good Suga’s skin is, saying that it’s flawless despite not wearing make-up.BTS-Suga-and-V-in-gym-3-768x890

Suga has stated before that he’s not fond of exercise and sweating, so many fans commend him for still working out and hitting the gym despite this. Fans are proud that he is exercising so hard.

suga work out

People have noted that V’s body seems firmer, probably because he works out more than Suga does. What people are shocked by is how beautiful V looks even when he’s not wearing make-up. His features are very defined and people can’t help but fawn over how beautiful he is.

BTS-Suga-and-V-in-gym-6-768x981 BTS-Suga-and-V-in-gym-5-768x954 BTS-Suga-and-V-in-gym-4-768x864

Source: The Qoo
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