EXID receives their first paycheck and shares what they plan to do with it

On the latest episode of Weekly Idol, the members of EXID revealed that they received their first paycheck since the “UP&DOWN” fancam incident.

One by one, the members shared what they plan to do with their first paycheck.

Solji stated, “I’m going to give everything to my mom, I haven’t been able to bring anything home for the last 10 years. I want them to give me some pocket money from what I give them and with that I want to buy myself and my mom a pair of nice shoes each.”

Junghwa stated, “I want to actually make use of my driver’s license,” and Hyerin“I want to start saving up for a house in Seoul since my parents live so far away.”

Hani confessed, “I want to buy my family presents and get myself a new pair of glasses since the ones I have are warped. I don’t need expensive brands, I’m just going to get one at the local glasses shop.” LE revealed that she wanted to buy a carrier bag that she had been wanting for a long time.

In response, MC Jung Hyungdon said, “You all deserve this. You deserve to let loose even if it seems a little luxurious, you worked so hard.” The moment became rather emotional as Solji shed tears upon hearing these words.

The episode also featured various games such as a humorous rendition of Apink’s “Mr. Chu” dance. Meanwhile, the girl group has claimed various trophies with their latest comeback track “Ah Yeah.”



Source: enews24