EXID Solji’s complains about dieting

To look their best for promotions and performances, idol group members often have to go to extreme dieting measures. 

And while these dieting methods have proven to be quite effective, they definitely take a toll on the health of the singers. In fact, EXID‘s Solji recently discussed her thoughts on having to go on a diet for her group’s recent comeback, and relayed how much she hates doing it.

“A few days ago I had to work on an empty stomach and I was so frustrated. I had a spoon of rice and I felt better. When I’m hungry I have no energy and I become extremely lethargic. I can’t sing without eating.”

EXID members also revealed that “When Solji was on a diet before she was crying and punching the stall door inside a washroom in fury and sadness. She was crying and screaming ‘Why won’t they let us eat’ the whole time”

solji 1

solji 2

Check out the Banana Culture group’s latest music video below:

Source: Dispatch