[★VIDEO] EXID turns into self camera addicts on “SNL Korea 6”

The girls of idol group EXID show off their sexy charms and become self camera addicts on SNL Korea‘s Lunar New Year broadcast.

The Lunar New Year episode of SNL Korea finally aired on February 21st with EXID as guests on the show, and former comedian and film maker Shim Hyung Rae as the host for the episode.

The segment took place in an emergency room where Jay Park was seen with his girlfriend as they tried to take a picture together. As the two of them attempt to take a photo together, EXID members were seen suddenly emerging and demonstrating their dance to “Up & Down.” Throughout the skit at the mention of any camera the group came out and danced to their song. turning the ER into a club atmosphere. Yoon Se Yoon brought laughter when he was seen moving his body up and down along with the song while laying in the gurney.

EXID’s Hani later talked about the symptoms of being addicted to fan cams by saying, “I turn out like this whenever I’m being filmed by a fan-cam.”

Shin Dong Yup brought more laughter on set as he started recording the girls while they danced.

EXID rose to popularity with their song “Up & Down” after a fan-cam of member Hani dancing was revealed. Since then, Hani has made numerous appearances on shows, such as Happy Together and [an upcoming episode of] Running Man. Member Solji has also recently appeared on Mask Facegaining applause for her outstanding vocals and performance.

Source: Asia Today