EXID’s Hani impresses on recent episode of “I Go to School”

EXID‘s member Hani made an appearance on an JTBC I Go to School that aired on March 17th. Hani shows her brains as she excels in subjects like Chinese, English, and even calculus.

The episode featured veterans Kangnam and Nam Joo Hyuk, and new members Kang Gyusung, EXID Hani, Kang Yongseok, Eun Ji Won, and AOA Jimin dressed to fit Jun Hyun Moo‘s story.

Hani played the character of a Chinese foreign exchange student and revealed to cast members her fluency in the Chinese language.

In the mathematics course of the show, Hani was confident and very active in solving the problems. When Hani was called up to the front of the classroom to solve a math problem, she was quick and as she returned to her seat, the instructor said, “As expected, the answer’s correct.”

Hani was also calm when faced with difficultly and did not have an issue in the process of trying to remember the methods to solving certain problems.

In response to Hani’s ability to excel in Chinese, English, and calculus, Kangnam was jealous and made statements like, “I don’t like her,” and, “She’s too perfect.”

In other news, netizens are criticizing EXID’s agency for continuous poor conditions of stage attire.

Source: TVdaily