[★TRENDING] This high school teacher’s OBSESSION over EXO went TOO FAR… and almost cost her her job.

Recently, a post was created on a message board with the original poster revealing that they had come across an EXO-related question in their music test.

Originally posted on Sirgle and later linked from Nate Pann on a topic that was titled “I got a question wrong because of this trashy question on a music test,” a single screenshot of a text revealed, “This is the question I got at school on my music test. Because of this question, I failed to score 100 on my test ㅠ Does this make sense? How am I supposed to know how many EXO members there are ㅠㅠ”

The text then went on to share a photo of the question, which read, “In (  ), the group’s promotions began when they became active under a certain big company. Starting from (   ), generation idols such as H.O.T, S.E.S, Fin.KL, and now (  ) EXO are the leading representatives of Hallyu in K-pop.”

Netizens commented:

[+200, -16] It would have been okay if the numbers were fixed …

[+ 163, -11] It’s not right to have an idol related question on a school test. Is this a music test or a groupie’s test?

[+153, -11] How can they give such a stupid question for marks? Does the textbook give a number of how many [members] there are in EXO? Is it..they gave this kind of question cause these kids don’t study? The true level of this school can be seen.

[+40, -72] This was a question that you could have answered if you paid attention in class.. If you could cram and get 100% who would pay attention in class ㅋㅋ  It’s not important that they’re EXO but the fact that it was talked about in class. There are professors like this in college too. They go on tangents and use those topics as bonus questions on tests ㅋㅋ Well, in conclusion, it’s not a trash question but a question trying to figure out how well the students are paying attention.

Source: Sirgle and Pann