EXO Suho allegedly being sexually harassed brings mixed netizens’ reactions

Netizens show mixed feelings towards the situation of EXO Suho‘s thigh being touched by a female comedian.

Earlier we reported that EXO-Ls claimed that EXO Suho was allegedly sexually harassed by Korean female comedian Hong Yoon Hwa. The stories spread through online communities as witnesses from the shooting of the Chuseok special episode of ‘Star King’ claimed that the female comedian touched and grabbed Suho’s thighs which made Suho clearly uncomfortable. The female comedian has since then made an official apology towards Suho and his fans through her personal blog.

But with EXO-Ls’ actions of demanding an apology from the comedian, netizens showed mixed reactions regarding the matter. With EXO-Ls’ image being not so great, many just insulted the fans for making this a bigger issue than it really was while some claimed that fans needed to take action since Suho really might have felt uncomfortable. They brought up the double standard in the issue claiming that this would have been a huge problem if a male ‘accidentally’ touched a female’s legs.

Here are comments from both sides:

Star News

[ +18063 / -1011] How scared she might have been

[ +17808 / -1368] They could have taken care of this by themselves. Fans are overreacting tsk tsk

[ +17398 / -1598] Fans please calm down hahaha

[ +16450 / -1493] This is why EXO gets insulted. EXO acts fine but fans doing their own thing making their artists look bad

[ +2420 / -356] Why does she need to apologize? Fans’ actions are reasons why people hate EXO..

[ +2354 / -351] EXO fans have problems.


[ +175 / -8] What she initially talked with Suho was the hugging and sitting apart from each other to be funny. Hong Yoon Hwa claimed that she unconsciously touched Suho’s thighs but think about it… If a male idol touched a female’s thighs, people would go crazy hahahahaha Or think about it.. A male comedian touching female idol’s legs… That is double standard hahahaha Why is it that when females touch males’ legs, it is an accident and when it is the other way around, males get treated like trash? hahahahahaha I don’t think EXO fans did anything bad here.

[ +155 / -10] Think if a female idol was touched by a male comedian. So since Suho is a man, any females can touch his knee and stuff?

[ +141 / -8] I guess the public doesn’t think it is a big deal for a female to touch a male. For example, if a male comedian touched female idol’s legs, it will be treated like a sexual assault hahaha Like Eric Nam’s incident… I feel bad for males in these situations..

[ +59 / -2] I’m an EXO-L but I didn’t even know of this until a little while ago haha That is how much EXO-Ls did not tlk about this but I think the comedian apologized on purpose to make it an issue… If not, thats okay.

[ +53 / 0] There weren’t many EXO-Ls that knew of this. I knew of this from the beginning but no one made it an big deal.. I think that comedian’s apology is full of crap.. Victimizing herself hahahahahaha Suspect: I don’t remember Witness: We saw it.. She is trying to make us look like fools.. I’m angry. She basically made a mistake and made an excuse in her apology pretending not to know what she did wrong…

[ +48 / 0] Why make an apology towards Suho’s fans when she should make an apology towards Suho?

[ +41 / 0] Think if Suho touched some female celebrity’s knees hahahahahahahaha I bet the best posts would be filled with insults against Suho right? And EXO fans didn’t even make this a big deal but she literally playing the victim making this a bigger deal hahahahahahaahhaha

Source: News Star, Comments: News Star, Pann