Fans Suspect MOMOLAND’s JooE Got Double Eye Lid Surgery Based On These Pictures

Can you tell the difference?

On August 22, MOMOLAND didn’t just turn heads for their performance in the 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards.

Member JooE in particular shocked fans with her beautiful appearance that looked different from usual.

Netizens attributed her new look to double eyelid surgery.

Usually when female idols get double eyelids, their uniqueness disappears even if they’re still pretty, but I feel like JooE still looks like her old self, only prettier. She did well.

– Korean Netizen

Rather than criticize her surgery, fans praised it for heightening her features instead of hiding her old looks.

Strangely, we can still recognize the face she had before. It came out so naturally.

– Korean Netizen

But seeing her at the award show today, it really got better. Her features became more prominent thanks to her double eyelids. Now, she looks good on screen.

– Korean Netizen

Considering how JooE had admitted to having a nose job in an episode of Knowing Bros last year, netizens’ speculations are not baseless.

What do you think of JooE’s new look?


Source: Nate