[★TRENDING] Fans worried over Lee Hyori’s sudden SNS hiatus

Fans are worried over Lee Hyori’s sudden online after she deleted her blog and deactivated her personal blog. On  May 30th, Lee Hyori deleted all of her posts and shut down the account, which contained a number of personal photos from her wedding and life in Jeju Island. The singer initially started the blog on May 27th last year with a message saying, “Only going to run the blog for a year.” In addition, she deleted her Twitter account and also changed the phone numbers with her husband, Lee Sang Soon.

Despite stating that the blog will only run for a year, the singer has always been active on social media as she communicated with the public with her posts and bold, public statements. Therefore, the sudden hiatus resulted in a number of speculations if there had been any changes in her personal life. It was further stated that no one in her private circle knew about her decision to deactivate her accounts, causing more curiosity.

On May 31st, someone close to the singer clarified that, “She has been inactive on Twitter for a while, so it was useless for her to keep the account.” However, fans are wondering if there are other reasons for the incident.

Lee Hyori created the blog “Sogil-Daek” on Naver last year and reached a number of 10,000,000 visitors within 70 days. It also ranked as the top blog on the site after reaching 220,000 followers and attracted much attention from the netizens. On Twitter, the singer managed to have a number of 460,000 followers and was considered as “social-twiner” for the public’s response over her updates.

Since leaving for New York last February and returning to South Korea after three months, Lee Hyori was observed to not have done much activity on her accounts.

Lee Hyori left for New York in early February and returned to Korea after three months. Since then, she has not done much activity.

Source: StarNews and DongA